Incorruptibility of border security personnel

Article 205

Law No. (10) of 2010

Without prejudice to any harsher penalty stipulated by the Penal Code or other laws, any customs officer who abuses his functions by conspiring with others to seize goods or means of transport outside the requirements of the law, or who illegally delivers seized goods or means of transport, or agrees with others to deliver the same or to seize goods or means of transport that are subject to confiscation by law, or conspires with any person to smuggle goods or overlooks the same, or takes part in any of the foregoing acts shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years and a fine not exceeding LYD 3,000, or by both penalties.

Articles 1 and 3

Law No. (11) of 2014

Article 1
A general commission called “the National Anti-Corruption Commission” (NACC) shall be established in accordance with the provisions of this law. The NACC shall possess independent legal personality and financial liability and it shall report to the legislature.

Article 3
The NACC shall assume its competences as follows:
7. Investigate and detect crimes of corruption, in particular:
a. Crimes stipulated by Law No. (2) of 2005 on combating money laundering.
b. Crimes against public funds and public trust stipulated by the Penal Code. […]