Diplomatic assistance

Article 19

Agreement of 2009 on Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters between the Great Socialist Libyan People's Arab Jamahiriya and the Republic of Niger

The competent authorities of either of the contracting parties shall immediately inform the other party, within a maximum period of three days through diplomatic or consular representation, if any of the citizens thereof has been detained or subjected to any form of custodial punishment.

Article 11

Decree No. (98) of 2007

If he fails to leave the country after the expiration of this period, enforcement bodies shall deport him at his personal expense from the port through which he entered. They must relay this to his country’s consular or diplomatic representation delegation in the Great Jamahiriya. 

Article 12

Agreement of 1993 on legal and judicial cooperation between Arab Maghreb Union countries

[…] Judicial and non-judicial papers and documents in criminal matters shall be sent through the Ministry or Secretariat of Justice of each contracting party with observance of the provisions pertaining to the extradition of suspects and convicts.
The provisions of this article shall not prevent the right of the contracting parties to intimate the judicial or non-judicial papers and documents to its citizens directly through its representatives or their delegations. In the event of a dispute of laws surrounding the nationality of the person to whom the paper or document is directed, it shall be determined in conformity with the law of the contracting party in which the intimation occurs.