Status and documentation

Article 44

Decree No. (247) of 1989

People who are forced by extenuating circumstances to enter the country from other than the legal entry points stipulated in Article (1) of this decree may have their status settled (upon the approval of the director of the General Department of Passports and Nationality).

Article 15

Decree No. (472) of 1985

A temporary Libyan travel document may be issued for the following categories: […]
3. Refugees who are recognized as such.
4. Stateless persons or persons without a fixed nationality.
5. Anyone unable to obtain travel documents from the states to which they belong for political reasons.
Issuing temporary Libyan travel documents for the categories mentioned in Clauses (3), (4), and (5) requires the approval of the competent public authorities responsible for these categories […]

Article 11

Law No. (19) of 2010

All persons who reside in the Great Jamahiriya in violation of the provisions of this law shall seek settlement of their status within a period not exceeding two months from the entry in force of this law. Otherwise, they shall be deemed illegal immigrants […]