Risk of human rights violations upon expulsion

Article 2

Law No. (11) of 1981

The people of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya oppose and condemn all forms of terrorism. They are committed to supporting the just and humanitarian causes for individuals and groups within its territory, as well as anywhere in the world. It has entrusted to itself, pursuant to this law, the protection of refugees and newcomers thereto.

Article 4

Decree No. (386) of 2014

In the implementation of its competencies, the Authority shall observe the legislative texts, charters, and treaties for human rights, and shall observe anything stipulated by the international treaties to which the Libyan state is a party.

Article 21

Law No. (20) of 1991

The Great Jamahiriya is the refuge of the persecuted and freedom-seekers. Refugees in the Great Jamahiriya may not be extradited to any entity.

Article 10

Constitutional Declaration of 2011

The State shall guarantee the right of asylum by virtue of the law. The extradition of political refugees shall be prohibited.