Provision of basic needs and welfare

Article 11

Decree No. (145) of 2012

The General Directorate for Combating Illegal Immigration shall have the following duties:
7. Conduct the service affairs of anti-infiltration and smuggling centres and accommodate those who reside within the country in violation of legislation regulating residency, work, and entry and exit to the country and are referred to them by competent authorities

Articles 2 and 10

International Agreement No. (118) on equality in the treatment of nationals and non-nationals in social security

Article 2
Each of the member States may receive the obligations of this agreement in anything pertaining to one or more of the following social security branches, that have legislation in force in their regard that covers all of its citizens within its territory.
a. Medical care.
b. Health benefits.

Article 10
The provisions of this agreement shall apply to refugees and stateless persons without reciprocal treatment being a requirement.

Article 14

Law No. (11) of 1971

For civil defence purposes, the Minister of Interior and Local Government shall issue decrees to seize properties (whether they are built or not), hospitals, rescue and supply centres, movables, and materials needed to prepare bunkers and shelter immigrants and refugees.