Prohibition on torture, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment

Article 2

Law No. (10) of 2013

Imprisonment for a minimum period of five years shall be incurred by anyone who inflicts or orders another person to inflict physical or mental pain on a detainee under his control in order to extract a confession for any act that such detainee has or has not committed, or because of discrimination, regardless of its type, or revenge, regardless of its motive.
The same penalty shall be inflicted on whoever covers up an act of torture despite his ability to stop it.
The imprisonment sentence shall be not less than eight years if the torture results in substantial harm, and not less than ten years if the torture leads to serious harm. In the event of the torture victim's death, the penalty shall be life imprisonment.

Article 17

Law No. (20) of 1991

A suspect shall be deemed innocent until proven guilty by a judicial ruling. However, legal action may be taken against him insofar as he is still accused. The accused person shall not be subjected to any form of physical or moral torture or to any cruel or humiliating treatment that violates human dignity.