Cooperation at all levels of the agency or ministry both horizontally and vertically

Article 7

Decree No. (247) of 1989

The bodies that requested the ban must review their entries yearly. They shall notify the General Department of Passports and Nationality of the abatement of the reasons for banning from entry and exit. Failure to comply with this shall result in initiation of the procedures necessary for lifting bans as the General Department of Passports and Nationality sees fit.

Article 5

Decree No. (10) of 1994

The legal office shall be responsible for the following:
3. Liasion with the General Legal Department and advisors from other bodies to study legal matters related to the work of the Authority in cases that require such.

Article 15

Decree No. (145) of 2012

The General Directorate for Police Aviation is responsible for:
2. Carry out air support operations in cases of participation in operations to seize smugglers and infiltrators, search and rescue operations, or upon request.