A coordinated approach to information-gathering

Article 8

Decree No. (247) of 1989

Lists containing the names of foreigners banned from entry or exit shall be drafted in Arabic, with names also written in Latin letters in alphabetical order. The lists must encompass all distinguishing information about the relevant person. Copies shall be distributed to entry and exit ports as well as People’s Bureaus.
Names shall be added to ban lists by virtue of a decision issued by the General Department of Passports and Nationality. The lists are to be considered secret and circulating them is prohibited.

Article 2

Decree No. (50) of 1990

Subject to the provisions of Article (5) of this Decree, the committee formed by virtue thereof shall be responsible for all functions related to the land and sea borders of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, especially those related to existing problems. It shall specifically […]

Article 23

Decree No. (472) of 1985

The person concerned must immediately report the loss of a travel document to the nearest police, public security, or passport authority, or People’s Bureau or their equivalents. These bodies must notify the General Department of Passports and Nationality of this within 48 hours of the time of the initial notification.

Article 3

Decree No. (339) of 2013, Decree No. (561) of 2013, Decree No. (607) of 2013

Article 3
The JOR shall undertake the following:
2. Establish a legal mechanism for reporting, complaints, and gathering information thereon, and take the necessary legal procedures to refer the same to the Public Prosecution.

Article 3

Decree No. (386) of 2014

The Authority shall be responsible for the following […]:
6. Gather information and investigate cases of trafficking, organised crime, human smuggling and infiltration. It shall also sort and classify these cases and coordinate with the relevant security forces to track perpetrators and suspects.