Proper functioning of coordination and cooperation processes between key actors

Article 6

Decree No. (247) of 1989

The relevant bodies for banning foreigners from entry or exit shall provide the General Department of Passports and Nationality with the reasons for the ban and the complete information regarding the person whose entry or exit is to be banned, including the following: […]

Article 40

Decree No. (247) of 1989

The director of the General Department of Passports and Nationality may delegate to the presidents of branches and offices some of the competencies assigned to him by virtue of the aforementioned Law No. (6) of 1987 and of this decree.

Article 3

Decree No. (392) of 2000

The Guard shall bear responsibility for maintaining the safety and security of Libya’s land crossings and borders. It will specifically have the following duties: […]
7. Organise cooperation and coordination with the competent defence, security, judicial, and technical apparatuses.

Article 5

Resolution No. (16) of 2012

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be mandated to notify all embassies, the United Nations delegation, and the international, regional, and local organizations working in Libya of the provisions of this resolution.

Articles 2 and 3

Decree No. (339) of 2013, Decree No. (561) of 2013, Decree No. (607) of 2013

Article 2
The JOR referred to in the previous article shall be composed of a chief, who shall be an army officer of the rank of colonel or above, an assistant chief from the officer ranks, with both being appointed by a decision issued by the Prime Minister, in addition to representatives of the following entities:
1. Libyan Intelligence Service (LIS).
2. National Security Directorate of […]
3. Customs Department.
4. Passport, Nationality, and Foreign Affairs Department.
5. Illegal Immigration Department […]

Article 3
The JOR shall undertake the following:
1. Take all necessary procedures and arrangements to maintain security in border regions […]
7. For the performance of its duties, the JOR shall be entitled to:
A) Use all professional and technical means it deems necessary to perform its duties. All security entities concerned with the work of the JOR shall take urgent measures enabling the JOR to achieve its security goals.
B) Coordinate with ministries and public entities to ensure the proper performance of the JOR duties in accordance with the schedule prepared by the JOR in this respect.
C) Coordinate with civil society organisations and dignitaries of target areas, solicit their help and include them in the security plan […]

Article 11

Decree No. (145) of 2012

The General Directorate for Combating Illegal Immigration shall have the following duties:
4. Coordinate with governorates and offices so as to ensure the implementation of security plans and programs and develop detailed duties to ensure their success.

Article 18

Decree No. (145) of 2012

The General Directorate for Investigation and Follow-up shall have the following duties:
2. Coordinate with other offices in the achievement of the objectives of the governorate and assign tasks and duties in details to ensure efficient performance.

Article 30

Decree No. (145) of 2012

The Arab and International Criminal Police Department shall have the following duties:
1. Cooperate with Arab and international criminal police organisations to fight crime and arrest and track wanted people.

Articles 1 and 2

Decree No. (165) of 2012

A committee shall be formed as follows:
1. Representative from the Ministry of Interior – Chairman.
2. Representative from the Cabinet Office – Member.
3. Representative from the Ministry of Justice – Member.
4. Representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs […]

Article 2
The committee formed by virtue of Article (1) of this decree shall be responsible for the following:
1. Review international and domestic agreements and legislation regulating illegal immigration.
2. Evaluate the procedures taken to combat illegal immigration to stop the problems and difficulties faced by workers in this field and propose solutions […]