Proper training, including in country and specialized training of relevant officials, for proper functioning of migration management

Article 3

Law No. (82) of 1970

11- Draft a training policy for existing and potential employees in various technical, financial, and administrative positions, in accordance with the regulation drafted by the institution’s Board of Directors and issued by virtue of a decree from the Cabinet.

Article 16

Decree No. (145) of 2012

The General Directorate for Training shall have the following duties:
Develop annual training plans for the training institutions, institutes, and centres, develop academic and training curriculum […]

Article 3

Decree No. (386) of 2014

The authority shall be responsible for exercising the following competencies: […]
13. Prepare a yearly plan to train its workers, and improve their security and professional performance through local and foreign courses.

Article 1

Decree No. (54) of 1988

An institute shall be established called the “Institute for Customs Training and Studies.” It shall be subordinate to the General People’s Committee for the Treasury and shall be responsible for the following:
a. Prepare and graduate customs guard personnel and non-comissioned officers.
b. Hold specialised courses for customs personnel.
c. Conduct studies and perform research […]