<p>A coordinated approach to the gathering of information on legal and illegal migration</p>

Article 2

Law No. (4) of 1985

The General Department of Passports and Nationality shall bear exclusive responsibility for issuing, renewing, and revoking passports, and for conducting all the activities related thereto inside Libya. These affairs shall be handled abroad by Brotherhood Bureaus and People’s Bureaus […]

Article 10

Decree No. (678) of 1986

Upon the loss of a passport, the person concerned must inform the nearest passport office, or People’s Bureau if the loss occurred outside of the Jamahiriya, within 48 hours of the loss. The office that receives the notice must notify the General Directorate for Passports and Nationality within the same period so that the necessary procedures concerning the lost passport may be taken and completed.

Article 13

Decree No. (50) of 1990

People’s agencies, public establishments, and others shall provide all of the facilities requested by the Committee, including copies of documents, papers, maps, reports, research, and studies in their possession.

Article 3

Decree No. (184) of 2012

The Committee may have recourse to whomever it wishes. The relevant bodies shall cooperate therewith and provide it with the documents and information necessary to enable it to perform its functions.