<p>A sine qua non for management of irregular migration is the existence of an adequate set-up and sufficient capacities of the relevant authorities</p>

Article 105

Law No. (81) of 1970

Each unit operating in the ports shall have a sufficient crew on board for the management and operation thereof.

Article 11

Decree No. (392) of 2000

By virtue of this decree, all moveable and immoveable assets used in activities that support the Guard’s activities shall be transferred to the Guard. This shall include assets affiliated with the bodies that work along Libya’s border crossings based on their rights and duties.

Article 6

Resolution No. (16) of 2012

The Cabinet shall provide all material, technological, and technical capabilities necessary to ensure the securing of these borders and the establishment of security throughout these zones.

Article 3

Decree No. (386) of 2014

The Authority shall be responsible for exercising the following competencies: […] 12. Work on providing all technical and modern means and methods needed by the Authority to implement the functions assigned thereto.