Rights of border security personnel

Article 1

Decree of 1972

The residency of customs guard personnel arriving as part of training delegations in a training institution in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya shall be at the expense of the institution in which the training is held.

Article 1

Decree No. (272) of 1994

The daily supply value allocated to members of the police force who perform the functions of guarding the borders, facilities, or oil ports, those working in entry and exit ports, or those ensuring the continuation of work after the end of official work hours and those working in patrols, gates, and public security companies shall be as follows: […]

Article 222

Law No. (10) of 2010

A fund called the Social Care Fund shall be established within the Customs Authority. A decision by the Secretary shall be issued on its naming and organisation and determining its activities, resources, and manner of investing its funds, provided that such does not contradict the laws in force.

Article 1

Decree No. (149) of 2012

Workers in the Ministry of Inerior shall be granted professional or technical bonuses or those of a special nature, according to the case – at a rate of 50% of the base salary of the following categories:
3. Workers in field positions and those working in all ports.

Law No. (109) of 1970

Table Cancelled remunerations, allowances, bonuses […] 19. Remunerations granted to customs employees at a rate of ½ of the the total penalties collected for customs smuggling.